February 2011: V-Day | Steaks | Good Times

Nothing like some in-n-out for lunch. Double Double, Whole Grilled Onions, Grilled Onions, Chopped Pepper (secret), and Extra Toasted Bun.

Went to Sam Woo for B Wongs Birthday. Lobster, Fish, Chicken and a Plethora of Other Great food. Of course had to have some Tsingtao to wash it all down. Happy Birthday B Wong!

Little day drinking over at the 16 Block Crib. Colestyles and myself on a newly acquired bench I brought over.

Monte Cristo Sandwich from Sabatinos, it was pretty tasty but a little overwhelming with all the meat. Ghetto lunch (nachos and bagels with cream cheese and salami).

I Love steaks. Three nights in a row I had steak for dinner. Top left picture is a New York Strip with Asparagus, Cheese Rice w/ Hot Sauce, & Sauteed Mushrooms. Top Right is another New York with a Loaded Baked Potato. Bottom Picture is a New York with Rice Pilaf and Sauteed Asparagus.

Great looking sunset from Erin’s Apartment.

Our FIrst Valentines Day Dinner. Blue Water Grill in Newport has no corkage for your first two bottles of wine, so we indulged and brought two bottles with us which ended up working out great. I didn’t snap any pictures of the food but we had some amazing Mahi Mahi in a Spicy Cilantro Sauce, Scallops and Shrimp in a Butter Wine Garlic Sauce, Cesar Salad and a Molten Cake for desert. Love Her.

To go with my candy problem, I was getting addicted to these. (They also served as lunch sometimes)

Went to visit our friend Russel at Rocking Baja in Newport, can never go wrong with Nachos.

This was beef ramen from a restaurant right in Tustin Market Place, much better than the packaged ramen I lived off of at times as a college student.

Very tasty White Bean Hummus from Eat Chow in Costa Mesa.

Finished off the month at Opah with Erin’s Hawaii Friends. That was a Swordfish with a Mango Papaya Relish and Cheesy Potatoes served in a small Cast Iron Skillet.